Receivables Management Solutions

Debt collections in China and over 100 other countries!
No collection, No fees!

Operating capital is the lifeblood of the firm. Its flow both in terms of conversion of invoices to cash, and the capital flow associated with the reconciliation of disputed transactions is critical to the cost effective achievement of the objectives of the firm. 3ACredit offers an interesting array of products that stimulate cash flow, reduce risk of loss, improve working capital and mitigate the debilitating effect of delayed capital flows.

Creditreform's RMS includes:

  • Receivable Auditing
  • Account Receivable Outsourcing
  • Collections 
  • Legal Assistance

Creditreform's RMS helps you to:

  • Improve collection possibilities in China
  • Optimize your cash flow
  • Recover your debts
  • Support your dispute resolutions

Debt collections in China and over 100 other countries :

Your Advantages in a Glance

  • Cooperation with the Creditreform country offices and local partners specialized in debt collection in the respective country – worldwide
  • „Psychological advantage“ by being near to the debtor
  • Language skills, knowledge of the culture and law in the respective country
  • Out of court procedures have a customer-keeping effect – priority is given to the balancing of interests between creditor and debtor
  • Legal expertise in-house
  • Prevention of costs from unnecessary court proceedings
  • Cost level of legal actions is predictable, since cost are based on commission and not on an hourly basis
  • Long-standing experience, reliable and professional debt collection experts
  • Near to debtor – local collection experts
  • Near to client – for you only one point of contact for all countries