Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

"Our goal is to become your credit management solution partner to support your business strategy in China."

Welcome to Creditreform China! We are one of the leading providers of credit and risk management support services and commercial intelligence in China.

The core competencies of Creditreform China are derived from its group of seasoned international risk management professionals, with a combined global experience spanning over 100 years! The significant and direct involvement of the members of our board in the development of risk management processes and strategies across many different industries, markets and countries now enables Creditreform China to capitalize on the knowledge, experience and diversity of the management team in the interest of its clients in various global markets.

It has been our pleasure and opportunity to become part of the Creditreform global organization. Headquartered in Neuss, Germany it was founded in 1879. Creditreform is an association of independent Creditreform entities with country offices in 22 European countries. It is globally known as one of the more significant information providers with more than 175 offices throughout Europe and now, with its alignment with Creditreform China, also in China.

Creditreform China will continually interact with and study the China market in order to develop and maintain products and services that best suit the needs of both local and foreign markets. In an expanding global market, risk management and performance measurement are expected to head the list of needs for wary and prudent companies, excited about the prospect of expanding their market penetration. Creditreform China intends to support the successful result of that continued market penetration by its clients. Whether the need is for risk control, timely and correct performance information, the conversion of a difficult debt, training and development of organizational resources, or merely to provide an update on the status of trade and risk in a specific venue, Creditreform China intends to be provider of choice.

We firmly believe that through the establishment of strong, expanding relationships and the provision of quality products and services; that Creditreform China is best provisioned to partner with you as you safely and profitably continue to expand your global footprint. Creditreform China believes that it is in a position to both create value and provide value in its trade relationships.