Strategic Alliances

We strongly believe that there are many organizations that can provide expertise in specific markets and industries. Creditreform China is committed to continually seek to strengthen our global network through developing strategic alliances. We strive to align ourselves with the world’s best providers of credit and risk management information providers and services.

  • Creditreform

    Creditreform International is the umbrella association which unites independent Creditreform country offices in 22 European countries and now also in the People’s Republic of China.

    Since its formation in 1995 consistent quality standards for credit reports and debt collection services have been established to facilitate stable business relationships and foreign investments. Creditreform is globally known as one of the largest information providers with more than 175 offices throughout Europe and now also with it’s first office in Shanghai.

    Creditreform China is licensed to carry out activities from all service areas of the Creditreform organization in the Peoples Republic of China, which includes the Hong Kong Territories and Taiwan.

    Over 165,000 companies in Europe are members of Creditreform and take advantage of the exclusive information sources and services. They obtain more than 17,000,000 commercial reports a year and use our services to realize billions in outstanding debts. Together with our trusted partners we are able to provide our core services, high quality credit reports and debt collection services, worldwide.

    The ultimate parent organization, ‘Verband der Vereine Creditreform’, was founded in 1879 in Mainz, Germany.

  • Bierens

    Bierens was founded in 1952 by Frits Bierens in the Netherlands. Bierens Debt Recovery is the largest law firm in Europe that specializes in commercial collections. With over 60 years of experience, Bierens is a recognized leader of European debt recovery industry with over 30 national and international lawyers and offices in Veghel (HQ) and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, and the USA.

  • EIA Global

    Established in 1979, EIA Global is one of the most reputable credit insurance brokers specialized in Trade Credit and Political Risk Insurance.

    EIA has a management team with extensive knowledge and expertise in Trade Credit and Political Risk Insurance. An unrivaled team of accomplished and skilled individuals is comprised of both former bankers and underwriters. Top-notch servicing and administration departments complement them.

    The vast array of employee backgrounds and expertise has allowed EIA-Global to develop, earn and sustain the credibility and respect of all of their clients and all of the insurance underwriters for more than three decades.

  • ABC Amega Inc.

    Headquartered in Buffalo, New York USA, ABC-Amega Inc. is a respected global receivable management firm providing a full range of credit-to-cash solutions for clients around the world.

    ABC was founded in 1929 as American Bureau of Collections and since the company has grown into a world-class receivable management firm specializing in multinational corporations in nearly every business-to-business industrial category worldwide.