• How do I order a business report?

    Just send us an email with your contact details and indicating what you are looking for, and we will follow up accordingly. The email address to be used is: info@creditreform.cn.  

    If you require access to our online services please send as an email with your needs. We will email you your access code and password.

  • What does a business report cost?

    The prices depend on country, type of report you would like to receive and delivery terms (normal, express, flash). Discounted prices are available for volume orders. When you tell us what you are looking for, we will inform you immediately about the cost.

  • Does Creditreform supply reports on any country?

    We indeed can supply business reports on any company in almost every country on this planet. We in fact have offices in 23 countries and have a large network of partners in all other countries.

  • What details are required to use the debt collection service?

    We kindly ask you to complete the Collection Needs Assessment form, which enables us to make a first assessment of your claim, to check whether there would be any specific requirements.

    In order to affect a speedy recovery of your debt you have to expect that we need the following additional information:

    • Copies of invoices / statement
    • Order form
    • Proof of delivery
    • any relevant correspondence relating to the debt (certainly when your claim is been disputed).
  • What does a debt collection cost?

    These cost vary a lot per country and even per age of the debt. In principle we work according on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis, which means that we only charge a percentage of the sum collected as a compensation for our cost. As a consequence it means that, when nothing could be collected, the service has been for free. Once we had the possibility to study the completed assessment form, we will confirm the above in writing.

  • Is there any legal support available?

    Many of Creditreform’s offices do have an own legal department. In case they do not have the required internal legal support, the respective office has a close cooperation with a specialized law firm. All involved parties have an extensive experience in specifically collection issues and therefore are best equipped to support you to get collected what is yours!