Welcome to the World of Creditreform China

Welcome to the World of Creditreform China

Creditreform China is one of the leading providers of credit and risk management support services and commercial information in China.

Company Overview

Creditreform China is one of the leading providers of credit and risk management support services and commercial information in China. Founded in 2000, Creditreform China then was known as Shanghai Anson Business Consulting Company Limited. The Company’s focus was both on the needs of foreign companies seeking to do business in China, and as well, facilitating trade for Chinese exporters wishing to expand their footprint beyond China.

Creditreform China offers a full range of commercial services designed to promote the more robust top line and bottom line performance of all clients.

This generally begins with an effective approach to the management and development of the base of customer assets, especially those associated with trade credit and customer development, both foreign and in China. At the same time, Creditreform China provides counseling and development assistance for Chinese exporters seeking to effectively and economically manage their international trade risk through its extensive network and international resources.

We believe that you will find Creditreform China is a customer-friendly, economically efficient resource in your tool kit of growth and development. Business managers, credit risk managers, line associates will all find value in the product and service offerings of Creditreform China, and we look forward to counting you as a client very soon.

Let Creditreform China bridge your path to China.

Culture and Values

Creditreform China has adopted as its mission to establish a vehicle which provides correct and current trade performance information at the country, market and company level.

Mission Statement

Creditreform China will be recognized as the authority for credit risk management in China and around the world. This will be achieved by providing best in class, cost effective credit intelligence, consulting services to our customers.

Creditreform China believes that current information and analysis with effective training and education programs allow individuals to make informed and effective decisions for managing credit risks. By providing superior credit intelligence and related services for greater China, Creditreform China will achieve a premium position in the market.


  • Excellence in all aspects of the company
  • Provide timely and accurate information to our customers
  • Use technology to provide timely and cost effective information and Services
  • Integrity
  • Profitability to support growth
  • Empowering employees