Authentication & Verification

A & V

Nowadays more and more business is conducted over the Internet. The question often becomes “with whom?” Therefore Creditreform China performs authentication and verification services for its clients. Enabling them to concentrate on what they do best, building and running their business platforms on the World Wide Web.


This in fact entails the checking of the registration records with the legal responsible entity or government institution in the respective countries. Thus ensuring that the business or platform partner is not only an authentic party, but also verify whether the company concerned is has a legitimate (active) operation.


Direct contact will be sought with the applicant to ensure that company indeed is active, has valid communication lines and check whether the person, authorized to conduct business on behalf of that company, is truly the applicant.

The Advantages

  • Identify a prospect/business partner, company as well as individuals
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Reduce fraud
  • Enable compliance
  • Allow you to act faster

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